What Parents Say About Us

"When we relocated to Hull in 2002, we knew we wanted to enroll our three young children in a gymnastics program to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination, but we didn’t know anything about the local facilities or instruction. After an unsuccessful stint in another program, we visited several gyms before choosing Kathy Corrigan’s. It was the best decision we ever made. Our kids have received caring, attentive, and expert instruction from Kathy and her staff from the very beginning. This is a program dedicated to teaching proper technique in a fun and supportive environment. Seeing the gymnasts develop and grow over the years is a truly captivating and inspiring process. Since our relationship with Kathy Corrigan’s began nearly a decade ago, we have welcomed two more children into the world, and all five are now enrolled at Kathy Corrigan’s in various levels of training."

"We are incredibly grateful to Kathy and her staff for their incredible expertise and mentorship. How often do you get to train under the watchful eye of an Olympian? In Kathy Corrigan, we have found a true gem worthy of all the remarkable accolades and honors she has received over the course of her distinguished career."

- David and Joy Healey

"Our daughter Michelle, has been attending Kathy Corrigan’s School of Gymnastics since she was 3 years old, she is now 16½. She began with the fun Mom & Me classes and through the years, with the guidance and training of her coaches, progressed to compete at the USA Compulsory Level 6 and Prep Opt Advanced Level. The coaching staff at Corrigan’s is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and committed to their gymnasts. Their coaching style is one of support and encouragement, which helps develop each gymnast to their full potential. The things that Michelle has learned and the experiences that she has encountered at Kathy Corrigan’s School of Gymnastics has helped shape her into the strong, confident, caring, and independent young lady she is today."

- Barbara & Dan Inglis – Abington, MA

"With two daughters in the gymnastics program, we have observed the dedication the coaches exhibit with each gymnast no matter what skill level. Head coaches Andy and Marion are great mentors. Their knowledge, patience and encouragement can be seen trickled down in all employees. What a great testament to Kathy herself! We feel very fortunate to have found such a professional, caring and fun environment for our girls. Thank you …. we really do think the world of your staff!"

- Tina Kelley

"I love the dedicated coaches and the warm, family atmosphere at Kathy Corrigan’s. I am always impressed with how well the head coach, Andy Worden, understands the unique personalities of each gymnast and tailors his coaching to bring out their best abilities. Equally impressive is Marion Cherubini’s ability to fine-tune every movement of a routine so that every gymnast discovers her inner dancer."

- Laura Wixted

"Kathy Corrigan’s is a fabulous gym to bring your new or experienced gymnast. Our daughters have been coming here for almost 5 years. The facility is spacious and there is plenty of equipment allowing ample hands on time. The staff is friendly and helpful. The coaches are experienced and do a terrific job working one on one with your child to develop and strengthen their abilities while at the same time nurturing them building their self-esteem and confidence. Another great aspect about Kathy Corrigan’s is the team concept. All the gymnasts work hard to reach their individual goals but at the same they encourage and support one another and of course they have fun. As a parent I am watching my child grow in many ways and believe I have Kathy Corrigan’s to thank for this."

- Most Sincerely, Heidi Proffetty